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Shield Fight

Posted in Sports by cp4ab0lishm3nt on July 20, 2011

Captain America (Chris Evans) gets handy with a shield.


New Future Look of the NCAA College Super Conferences

ACC (20) BIG 10 (20) CUSA (20) MWC (20) PAC 10 (20) SEC (20)
North Legends North East North East
ARMY IN Akron ARK State Air Force AL
BC MD Bowling Grn Baylor CA Auburn
Cinn MI Buffalo CO State IA State FIU
Duke OSU Eastern MI KS State OR State GA
Louisville Pitts Northern IL LA Tech OR State Houston
NAVY PSU Miami (OH) Mid TN State Stanford LSU
VA Purdue Temple North TX UT SC
VA Tech Rutgers Toledo UTEP WA UAB
West VA Syracuse Western MI TCU WA State Vanderbilt
South Leaders South West South West
Clemson IL Ball State Boise State AZ ARK
FAU IA ECU BYU AZ State LA-Lafay’te
FL State KS Kent State Fresno State CO LA-Monroe
GA Tech MN Marshall NV HI KY
Miami MO OH NM State OK Memphis
NC NE South’n MS Rice OK State MS
NC State Northw’tern Tulane TX Tech S Diego St. MS State
UCF Notre Dame Tulsa UNLV S Jose St. SMU
Wake Forrest WI Western KY WY USC TX A&M
A. The ACC, Big 10, Pac 10 and SEC are known as Super Premier Conferences (SPC). CUSA and MWC are Super Conferences (SC). The difference between SPC and SC is that SPC can have up to 3 teams from their respective conference to be represented at the Bowl Championship Series. A SC can only have top two teams, unless the SPC is unable to produce a third team.
B. The strongest team amongst the conference will play the weakest qualified team irrespective of its position in the conference and in accordance to the number of games won and statistics of its winning success. The following is the format of a BCS playoffs:-
BCS Championship Series
Sweet 16 Elite 8 Final 4 Champ’ship Champion
Winner X1
Team 16
Team 2
Winner X2
Team 15
Team 3
Winner X3
Team 14
Team 4
Winner X4
Team 13
Champ X
Team 5
Winner X5
Team 12
Team 6
Winner X6
Team 11
Team 7
Winner X7
Team 10
Team 8
Winner X8
Team 9

A New Era For A New England Team

Posted in Sports by cp4ab0lishm3nt on June 30, 2010
Comparing with the qualifying rounds (in Europe), there is definitely some conspiracy going on with team England. England was original and confident during the qualifying rounds. It seemed like the England squad in South Africa was reluctant to participate and quit the balls immediately (when touching their feet) either because the whole squad does not idealize one another or there is a huge indifference amongst one another.
Hesky should not be on that plane and he is awful. John Terry should be gotten rid off after the ‘affair,’ because he carried a baggage of issues which psychologically affects the team. If you watch the last few matches of the Chelsea game, Terry was already incoherrent. Garreth Barry is not ready and has yet to shrug off the injury – he is ‘The Midfielder – The Holder – The Destroyer’ but did not play into the role and as such Steven Gerard and Glenn Johnson had to double up the roles which basically let Rooney unattended with very few balls coming his way.
England’s team is surrounded with too many advertisements, endorsements and their image have solidified them into England’s football heros. With that popularity and spotlight, the ‘prima donna’ syndrome has preoccupied them. Such image and their face value do not give them an edge and affected their quality in within themselves. If you look at the other teams, the Yanks, the Japanese, the Koreans and even the South Americans, they do not care about their image and most people do not know them and as such they play their game to their tempo of justification and commitment. I remember Roy Keane once commented that some players in the Red Devils team are only Prima Donnas and not commanding their game with enough respect. This is what’s happening with England today!
Discipline is not only on the field or during the games to be played. A footballer representing England should command respect and be disciplined on and off the field. They should STOP partying !!!!
Lastly, English players hail from the Premier League are burnt out! The EPL season coupled with the Champions or UEFA Cup, the FA and the League Cups are just too damn long!
My generous opinion is there is nothing wrong with Fabio Cappello or for any England manager who is in-charge. I think the FA of England should strategised what is best for England. My pick is either to select 22 players (from a genuine English club – no foreigners at all – a lower club from a lower league has my full support) and the manager from that club has to manage the England squad – you can never go wrong from there.
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